«In Dreams» Clarence & Carl Sagan

While watching a TV show about dreams, Clarence dozes off and enters the whimsical dreamscape that hovers above Aberdale. Here Clarence can see other people’s dreams, experiencing the subconscious of all his friends and neighbors. But when things turn nightmarish, Clarence must find a way to escape back to reality.[2]

Fandom – Clarence: «In Dreams»

Y sale Carl Sagan! 🙂

Dar Williams, when I was a boy.

I won’t forget when Peter Pan came to my house, took my hand
I said I was a boy
I’m glad he didn’t check
I learned to fly, I learned to fight
I lived a whole life in one night
We saved each other’s lives out on the pirate’s deck
And I remember that night
When I’m leaving a late night with some friends
And I hear somebody tell me it’s not safe, someone should help me
I need to find a nice man to walk me home
When I was a boy, I scared the pants off of my mom
Climbed what I could climb uponAnd I don’t know how I survived
I guess I knew the tricks that all boys knew
And you can walk me home, but I was a boy, tooI was a kid that you would like, just a small boy on her bike

Riding topless, yeah, I never cared who saw
My neighbor came outside to say, «get your shirt»
I said «no way, it’s the last time I’m not breaking any law»
And now I’m in a clothing store, and the sign says less is more
More that’s tight means more to see, more for them, not more for me
That can’t help me climb a tree in ten seconds flatWhen I was a boy,
see that picture? that was me
Grass-stained shirt and dusty knees
And I know things have gotta change
They got pills to sell, they’ve got implants to put in,
they’ve got implants to remove
But I am not forgetting
That I was a boy, too

And like the woods where I would creep, it’s a secret I can keep
Except when I’m tired, except when I’m being caught off guard
I’ve had a lonesome awful day, the conversation finds its way
To catching fire-flies out in the backyard
And I tell the man I’m with about the other life I lived
And I say now you’re top gun
I have lost and you have won
He says, «oh no, no, can’t you see?»
When I was a girl, my mom and I, we always talked
And I picked flowers everywhere that I walked
And I could always cry, now even when I’m alone I seldom do
And I have lost some kindness
But I was a girl, too
And you were just like me, and I was just like you

Salimos en RNE!

Hemos grabado en el cole Compte de Torrefiel esto y lo han emitido en RNE Radio Clásica:

Crescendo – El lago de los cisnes – 19/12/20

Visitamos el Colegio Público Comte Salvatierra de Álava en Fontanars dels Alforins, Valencia y con sus alumnos repasaremos la historia del ballet «El lago de los cisnes» de Tchaikovsky y cantaremos su tema principal. Además, descubriremos la música de la película «El cascanueces y los cuatro reinos» y en «La vuelta al mundo» recordaremos el origen de los villancicos.ver más sobre «

Crescendo – El lago de los cisnes – 19/12/20
Yo salgo en el minuto 7:43