Canción grabada para el móvil de papá

Y que le puse de tono del móvil sin avisarle

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When I was seeing your life 
then I can see what you'll be kind
If wasn't call stalking new but 
you helped me seem the never wait
In you say to me I'm gonna swing on the pool of the happy
Tell me that I'll be happy only for say with you
When I was stuck in middle find myself in the sea
When I never tell you need of a kind of little things
When you never sure to tell when you hever makle me happy
And you have a minor corn
And you never tell me what you have to do
Cos I now find yourself in the stack
Indians little say I know your wide
And they say Dad I´m not your laith
I'll be there
I'll be there cos I want you to be happy
To find yourself in middile sea
You will be happy off with me
You will be thinking about me
In the night when I'm speaking in my room
What you're telling for
What you're making dad
And I know you make me happy
cos I wonder rally
The will fill your life, find yourself stacking your life
Make me happy by yourself
Nobody tell me how to do it
Herself you tell is your friends gonna know your love
I love you too much cos I need you to heart
ten I say I love you much and then I tell you what
you had to do cos her, so…
Herself stuck in the middle of the sea 
leave to say to me you be happy

He thinks

Todos las combinaciones de Gacha Life posibles

Gacha Life, para el que no lo conozca

¿Cuántos personajes distintos se podrías crear en Gacha Life combinando todos los elementos y colores posibles? Pues hemos hecho el cálculo:

4.77047 x 10136

4.77047 x 10136

Como referencia, sería 50 órdenes de magnitud mayor que el número total de átomos en el universo.

Con dos cálculos hechos sobre la cantidad de átomos existente en el universo, podemos afirmar que el número estará entre una magnitud de 10^77 y 10^80.

Recuerdos de Pandora

At this level, it is estimated that the there are between 1078 to 1082 atoms in the known, observable universe. In layman’s terms, that works out to between ten quadrillion vigintillion and one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion atoms.

Universe Today